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Handling Change - Change: We can actually choose to embrace it; or completely resist it!

Change: We can actually choose to embrace it; or completely resist it!

We are at a time in our lives when there is much change occurring; and we are more frequently being faced with choices! We often don't see them as choices; but that's what they are!

We are being given a multitude of opportunities to actually embrace change; or to resist it!
This applies equally in our business and personal lives.

In recent times in my roles as a Life and Executive Coach, I have become increasingly aware that one of my major tasks is to actually help people manage change in their lives. When they approach me for help, they know that something is out of whack; that they've got to do something about it now; and they're asking me for help with, 'why is it out of whack', and 'how can we fix it' ?

It's probably best explained by mentioning three very different examples:

1. A Company Owner/Director asked me to help her deal with the challeng es of re-structuring her business and personal life (made necessary by a sudden change in her personal life). We started with the acknowledgement that changes for both her business and herself, were necessary; then we agreed on a series of objectives for both business and personal aspects of changes required; with some strategies and time frames for where we were headed.

2. I have also been asked by numerous parents for guidance in getting their children 'back on track', for a very large variety of reasons: this usually requires a strong element of change in regard to the use of 'clever' and 'different' parenting skills; so once again, there has to be an agreement that these changes are necessary, and strategies put into place for the management of these changes.

And lastly. . .

3. I have been asked by a large organisation who are being faced with massive growth within their ranks, (and major challenges as that growth takes place), to assist with the guidance of Managers, Staff, and Clients alike, in the strategies and processes which must take place for the growth to be effective. This is all based in how to keep the people involved and focused, with clarity as to the main objectives, and in managing and optimising the process of change itself.

The common theme in the above situations was for people to admit that they needed to ask for help and guidance; for that person to then accept that there was a need for change; for the forming of agreed guidelines and strategies; and for the process to be managed and optimised during a structured time frame, as they moved towards the desired outcome. In short, they all needed to actually embrace change as a necessity, rather than a compromise of any kind.

Sometimes the necessity for change just happens, and sometimes it is forced upon us quite unexpectedly!

Either way, we are often faced with tough decisions to make and our attitude towards our circumstance s are critical to whether we just survive, or come out thriving!

At other times we need to instigate the change ourselves: and its times like these that we often have to admit to ourselves that something, or someone, just isn't working in our lives any more. You might be feeling like you're in one of those ruts which creep into our lives from time to time? If you are, remember that a rut is really a grave with the ends kicked out of it, and it is time to do something, perhaps!

Sure, we have very challenging choices to make when this sort of stuff occurs in our lives; but we need to make those choices; act upon them; and move on as wiser people.

Whether you are faced with change that creeps up and bites you on the butt; or whether you have to create a change for your own sake; the ability to accept things as they are, and move forward, is critical. One door closes; another one opens!

Do your best to remember this paradox of life: We can often stare for so long at the door which has closed; that we can miss a new one which has opened!

It is actually very easy to resist change; but keep in mind that resisting change is actually hard work! Quite often, we don't even know that we are resisting it; so like most other things in life, it's about being aware!

Right now, change is being forced upon us in many ways; and for some of us, that could possibly be overwhelming. My No 1 suggestion for anyone who is feeling the pinch, is to remember that 'necessity is the mother of invention'; so if you can get yourself into embracing the change which is forcing itself upon you, and get creative, then you may come out of your own situation absolutely shining!

Yes folks, our attitude towards change, does make all the difference!

We can choose to Embrace it ... or Resist it!

If you are hurting in any way whatsoever: then you can choose to reach out to others, and seek help.

Remember: None of us have to do it tough on our own ... ever!
Because: doing it tough on our own ... is also a choice!

Phil Evans

Phil Evans is a Motivator, Business Coach and Inspirational Writer based in Australia. You can visit his website at:

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