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Facts about the Maria O'Shea/Lasse Burholt crash/accident July 16th 2013

Australian Channel 7/Sunday Night told the story about the "Denmark crash" Sunday, August 17th 2014. Lasse Burholt have had numerous threats and harassments since the initial release of teasers and then after the documentary was aired.

Now you have the Opportunity to read all the facts about the texting and lack of remorse that were not revealed in the documentary or taken out of context when the story aired Sunday 17th 2014.

* Learn about the evidence that showed no use of mobile
* Learn that Brian O'Shea confirmed to Irish press back in 2013 that Lasse made contact
* Learn about the witnesses at the crash site

UPDATE oct. 2014:
See TV2Nord reconstruction of the crash:

See Danish police response to accusations:

NOTE: Channel 7/Sunday Night knew all of the following information when they started the interview proces with me (and the O'Sheas). I spent two days with the SN7 crew. Specific interview-time with PJ Madam was more than 3 HRS. We spoke about everything, every stone was turned. Yet they chose to leave out some important facts. I only agreed to participate if they had just a few facts in the show (about the fact that evidence showed no use of mobile phone at the time of the crash. Facts about me reaching out to the O'Sheas back in Aug. 2013 with regards to the remorse-issue. Facts in my favor - not to take away sympathy for the O'Sheas but to make sure everything was not just black and white).

"...As it turned out they aimed for the lowest common denominator - The worst kinda of journalism I have experienced for the past 390+ days since the accident - and I have seen it all. Until now..." - Lasse.

Facts about the Maria O'Shea/Lasse Burholt crash/accident near Lendum and Sindal, Denmark July 16th 2013 created a lot of media coverage July thru November '13 in both Danish and Irish media - and sporadic throughout 2014 in Danish, Irish and Australian media.

Læs hele historien om ulykken: "Sket er sket" 

What happened July 16th 2013?

Lasse was going east on Lendumvej near Lendum, Sindal in Denmark. He was speeding. Maria O'Shea was going west on the same road. She had to make a left turn onto a side-road (Bredmosevej). She failed to give way - she did not see Lasse Burholt coming and made the left turn without stopping. Lasse hit her car. His car spun three times - ended in a ditch and later on caught fire. Marias car was completely smashed. Three of her four children were killed instantly.

(Lasse: "I want to strongly emphasize that her mistake/her distraction does NOT make my speeding right. Fact: I was speeding. The tragic outcome of the accident led to my conviction. I accepted that October 26th 2013").

Accusations of not being remorseful:

Brian O'Shea said on "Sunday Night" that they have never heard from me. Wrong.
Accusations of not showing remorse was also aired on "Sunday Night". Wrong - several danish media have brought the August 16th 2013 Facebook update Lasse made on the subject.

Brian O'Shea have spoken a lot about Lasse not being remorseful - especially to the irish press. However he failed to mention that Lasse actually tried to connect with him, once in August 2013 and twice in September 2013. Learn about that communication here where Lasse expresses his feelings and concern for the O'Shea family:

Brian confirmed the fact that Lasse Burholt made contact with him in August 2013 in an interview with Irish Independent ( on September 1st 2013:

Facts about the use of mobile:

Brian O'Shea accuses Lasse of using mobile at the time of the crash. Wrong.

This was proved in court, Oct. 26th 2013:

36 minutes prior to the accident Lasse Burholt made one phonecall (5 mins) while driving.

That was the only phonecall - yet Brian O'Shea have lied about this fact ever since it was revealed in court. All of Maria's Family was present in court, so he cannot argue that he do not know that. It was also mentioned in numerous irish and Danish articles on the court day.

During the 36 minute drive from Løkken to the crashsite Lasse did some texting while driving - however detailed phone records (evidence) showed that no texting (or phonecalls) was made at the time of the crash. Evidence showed the complete texting activity.

The O'Shea family claims that Lasse had his iPhone in his hand when he stepped out his car that had caught fire. That is not true: Lasse went into the car to find the phone in order to call for help. At that time there were only smoke from the engine - later the engine and the whole car caught fire.

When he found the phone another witness at the crash site had already called for help. The emergencies received that phonecall 09:49 am (stated in evidence and emergency phone-logs).

Facts about the charges against Maria O'Shea: 

The Danish State Attorney charged Maria O'Shea for her part in the accident; her being the reason that the accident actually happened: she failed to notice Lasse Burholt's Mitsubishi Grandis coming and therefore made an illegal left turn in front of him. In danish it is called "ubetinget vigepligt" - in Australia it means: she did not "give way". Witnesses behind O'Shea saw Lasse Burholt's car coming. They also confirmed she made the left turn without stopping/seeing Lasse. 

Lasse's conviction

Lasse Burholt was charged and convicted in court, Oct. 24th 2013 for his part and role in the tragic outcome of the accident. Lasse accepted the conviction (involuntary manslaughter). He actually did take full responsibility for his part in the accident from day one.

Charges against Maria dropped

Maria O'Sheas fault is compared to ignoring a read light at an intersection/crossroad (according to Danish traffic laws).

She was not convicted because of her tragic loss. But none the less she was convicted without punishment because of her being guilty as charged (explanation will follow).

In August 2013 the police mentioned to Lasse Burholt that she would probarly not be convicted because of her tragic loss. This was confirmed by the Australian Embassy in August, 2013. The embassy told Maria and Brian that in August 2013 - mentioned in this interview with

In January 2014 the State Attorney closed the case.

In the letter sent to Lasse Burholt (in January) from the State Attorney office said that the case was closed; Maria was found guilty for her part in the accident but no conviction made (the case did not go to court) because of her tragic loss of 3 children.

The State Attorney wrote the following (put it thru Google Translate to get the english version):

The line says: "Et tiltalefrafald betyder, at jeg anser hende for skyldig, men at der ikke bliver nogen straffe sag".

Google translate of line is:

"A settlement means that I consider her guilty, but that there will be no criminal case".

No one can argue with facts.
Chief Prosecutor supports the facts about blame of accident

Chief Prosecutor Torben Kaufmann supports the fact that both Maria and Lasse was to blame for the accident:

In the article from TV•2 News it says in Danish: "Men vi kan ikke komme udenom, at kvinden ikke måtte svinge til venstre i svinget. Hun har også en del af skylden. Han er uopmærksom, og han kører for stærkt, men vejen er fri for hans vedkommende. Hun har også overtrådt færdselsloven".

Google translate of Kaufmanns testimony: But we can not deny that the woman was not allowed to turn left into the turn. She also has a share of the blame. He is inattentive, and he drives too fast but the road is open in his case. She has also violated traffic laws, he says to".

Lies about speed:

Brian O'Shea have accused Lasse Burholt of lying about the speed several times (also on "Sunday Night" in August 17th '14). That is not correct. At: Lasse never lied about the speed.

At the crash-site Lasse Burholt told both several witnesses and the police that he was speeding at the time of the crash. Lasse told the police his speed was definitely more than 100 km/h - Lasse told the polic that he assumed the speed was somewhere between 105 and 120 km/h. Evidence and detailed crashreport (including virtual simulation of the crash) clearly determined the speed being 125 km/h.

Witnesses confirmed to the police that Lasse had told them about speeding. They also confirmed this in court.

When Lasse was at the hospital recovering from his injuries the police questioned Lasse about the accident. At this interview he also confirmed that he was speeding.

So no lies.

Facts presented in the court case against Lasse Burholt, 24.10.13:

Learn more about the accident here:

The Brian O'Shea accusations:

Brian O'Shea have accused Lasse of lying about the speed several times (especially in the irish media).

That is not true:

CPH Post confirms that Lasse Burholt was open about speeding from day one:

Threats and harassments:

Due to a lot of accusations made by Brian O'Shea and especially due to the press continously failing to include all the  facts in their articles (online/offline/tv) Lasse received a lot of threats August thru November 2013. Lasse experienced an enormous amount of harassments - especially online, but also on text, in emails and dead-threat letters aimed towards his three kids. The letters have been investigated by the police.

Danish press about the threats and harassments:

Read the story about what happened that day:

You can learn about all about what happened July 16th 2013 in this cover story:

Other media coverage

The surviving O'Shea kid got lost

Days before the 1 years anniversary of the accident the surviving boy, Torben, got a way from this parents late a night while picking berries with his parents and some friends at his grandfathers place in Denmark: