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Go-Givers sell more

Art Jonak, CEO Network Professionals - en af Network Marketing branchens dygtigste foredragsholder og inspiratorer - bringer et kort uddrag fra den nyligt udgivne bog, "Go-Givers Sell More" fra Bob Burg og John David Mann. Her på min blog, bringer jeg et endnu kortere uddrag:

We are big believers in competition, but it’s important to remember why it exists and what it’s doing there. We live in a society that permits and encourages competition because of the value it contributes to the health of the whole. This is not some abstract economic theory. Good competition keeps you on your toes, raising the bar for what a business like yours can do. Good competition pushes and stretches the limits of what’s possible.

In a very real sense, your competition is your best friend.

But sometimes people get confused about this and think the correct goal is to destroy your competition. What a tragic error. If you could succeed in destroying all your competitors, you would be raining down destruction on your own field.

Happily, salespeople are often taught never to speak ill of their competition, and that doing so will only make them look bad. Unfortunately, most salespeople have been taught not to say anything good about their competition, either.

Whenever you’re speaking to a prospect and they bring up your competitor, go out of your way to say something nice about him or her. Because you’re a nice person? No. (Although we’re sure you are indeed a very nice person). Because when you compliment your competitor, you are also demonstrating respect—and respect earns respect.

If in a conversation you tear down your competitor, it actually diminishes you in the other person’s eyes. On the other hand, when you take care to say something positive about your competition, it actually builds you up in their eyes. These are the messages that register for the other person, consciously or not:

You are confident. Knocking the competition is one way people often try to act confident. Ironically, it telegraphs precisely the opposite message. But if you not only refrain from speaking ill of your competitors but actually speak highly of them, then you must be genuinely confident. And confidence breeds confidence.

You are successful. If you are genuinely confident, then it stands to reason you must also be successful. After all, unsuccessful people don’t have that sort of genuine confidence in themselves.

You are safe. If you speak that highly of your competition, then this person knows they’ll never have to worry about what you say about them behind their back.

Læs det længere uddrag fra Go-Givers Sell more på Jonak´s fanpage

Art Jonak indleder sådan i hans blog:

"As Network Marketing Professionals, united we stand and divided we fall." - Richard Brooke

I believe most of us would agree.

We've also probably witnessed well-intentioned network marketers take shots at their "competition" without realizing the immediate effect such behavior has on the person doing the bashing... and the long-term effect is has on our profession of Network Marketing.

Mark Yarnell once said (and I paraphrase):

"As Network Marketers, we are the only profession when we're under attack, we circle our wagons... and shoot inwards."

Bob Burg & Art Jonak in Houston, TX recording an interview (Network Marketing Go-Givers)
Well...I have good news. A specific action we can each take when we witness this type of misguided behavior.

Several weeks ago I received an "advanced uncorrected proof" of Bob Burg and John David Mann's latest book, "Go-Givers Sell More."

Today I was given permission to share an entire chapter from the book. There are many chapters I wanted to post, each is pure gold.

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