Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mød Roger Hamilton LIVE i London

Internationally acclaimed entrepreneur clearly explains why there are only 8 ways to invest your time & money...

All of the world's greatest entrepreneurs have built their wealth in only one of eight ways...

Deal Maker

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Each style (of which only one is yours) has a set of rules and many of the rules are opposite.

Which of the 8 do you think you are?
Are you following the right rules for your game?
Do you even know what game you should be playing?
It is interesting to note that most people are spending their time & energy in the wrong areas and it is costing them vast sums in lost opportunities.

Roger Hamilton will help you identify the critical areas you need to focus on, the tasks you need to delegate and most importantly how to effectively create the teams around you to take your game to the next level.

Roger Hamilton at a glance...

..Owner of Singapore's largest Entrepreneurs Magazine
..Owner of a private resort in Bali
..Owner of Singapore's largest Real-Estate Rental Company
..International Best-Selling Author
..Chairman of Asia's Largest entrepreneurs network (+60,000 members)
..Champion Rower at Cambridge University

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