Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Start ikke en forretning medmindre du ved hvordan man smiler...

What is the secret to success? Is it personality? Is it talent? Is it ability? Is it environment? Is it timing?

For each individual, success is different. Every person naturally wants to become all that they are capable of becoming. The beginning of the road to success is having absolute clarity in your mind of the things you desire.

It is not enough to have a wish to have a better house, to travel, to live a better life. Everyone has wishes. Without defining what success is for you, what it is, what you want and be definite about it, you can never reach success.

The popular belief today is that the secret of success is hard work. Through my life I have seen many people work hard without success and others become successful without working hard. So, it seems that hard work is not the real secret to success even though it is a requirement.

So, what is the real secret to success? The secret lay not only in what people do, but what makes them do it, and do it with a smile.

“Desire is the starting point of all achievement”Napoleon Hill

Giselle and I started this business with a burning desire. We had a definite purpose and knew exactly what we wanted. This just wasn't a superficial desire; this desire was sentimental and emotional. It was a desire that caused us to smile. The clear vision of this desire, knowing exactly what we wanted, allowed us to wake up every morning smiling and excited to do what ever we had to make this vision a reality. We created a dream board full of real pictures and every time I looked at the dream board, guess what? Yes, I smiled! We wanted our children to go to the best schools and universities, without having to work their way through. We had pictures of the finest educational institutions in the world on our dream board. I wanted to avoid for my daughters the hardships which my sisters had to face in their childhood. For me personally, I wanted my wife and the mother of my children to enjoy the luxuries, comforts and necessities which had been denied to my mother. These desires were expressed on my dream board and they made me smile.

This clear desire defined what success meant to Giselle and I and we were willing to take action, with a big smile and do what others didn't like to do in order to accomplish our purpose. Our burning desire allowed us to be flexible and not allow the little things keep us from reaching our goals. We were able to go from as Winston Churchill said “from failure to failure with great enthusiasm” or in my words with a big SMILE!

I have had friends and relatives say to me "Aren't you going a little too far with this thing? Aren't you devoting too much time to your business? What if it doesn't work for you? Your children will do just fine without the finest education. What if you don't achieve what is on your dream board. You can live a nice life without giving your family everything on your dream board. There's no logical reason why your kids shouldn't be willing and able to work their way through college just as others have done. Of course it might be harder, they might miss many of the things that kids who have to work their way through university miss in their university life and they will probably have heartaches and disappointments. But if your children are any good, they'll come through in the end just fine. And there's no logical reason why you should work so hard. In fact I had friends that told me that I became a fanatic. And they tried to persuade me to do less, to take it easy, to be satisfied.

My reply to people who questioned if I was logical in my approach to the business was there's no smile in logic!!! There's no inspiration in logic. There's no courage in logic. There's not even happiness in logic. There's only satisfaction. The only place logic has in my life is in the realization that the more I am willing to do for my wife and children, the more I shall be able to do for myself.

Do you have a clear mental picture of what it is you really want? Do keep your idea of your success in sight all of the time to? Are your goals written down? Do you have a dreamboard? Do you spend much of your leisure time contemplating your picture of your life? When you think about your goals, can you not help but smile? The more clear and definite you make your picture of success, bringing out all the delightful details, the stronger your desire will be, and the stronger your desire the easier it will be to keep the picture of your success in mind. This burning desire is not only the starting point of your journey towards personal success but it is the fuel that keeps you persisting with a big smile through the journey. Don't open your business unless you know how to smile!

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