Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Conventional Advertising vs. Network Marketing

Mere om Warren Buffet>>>

Did you know that some of the most successful Health & Wellness Products ever manufactured, were brought to the market by people just like you, who went on to earn millions and millions of dollars?

Products like Aloe Vera, Tahitian Noni, Colloidal Minerals, Grape Seed Extract, Ginseng, Coral Calcium and Blue Green Algae, at one time, were unheard of, until they were introduced to the World through Network Marketing.

Love it or hate it, Network Marketing is here to stay and is becoming a MAJOR FORCE of economic growth around the World.

- World Famous Business Tycoon Warren Buffet's largest acquisition last year was Pampered Chef, a Network Marketing Company.

- The World's 2 largest cosmetic companies, Avon and Mary Kay, are both network marketing companies:

- 1 out of every 6 people in Japan participate in Network Marketing and the number of active distributors in the US alone has doubled, just within the past 5 years!

So what does Warren Buffet know that most do not?

First of all, at $80,000 per share of stock in one of his companies, he knows that the average person just cannot afford this. However, just about anyone can afford to start their own business in Network Marketing. I mean, it's not much more than the cost of a dinner and a movie for two and a night on the town.

Perhaps this is why one of Warren Buffet's largest acquisitions of the last few years was a Billion Dollar Network Marketing Company.

Warren also knows that conventional advertising is losing its punch and amongst other things, Network Marketing is the perfect way to reach more people.

- People are inundated by over 3000 messages every single day
- Tivo and other DVR's allow consumers to eliminate commercials entirely
- People are becoming numb to the marketing of major companies and would rather deal with people they know or know of.


Ask yourself, who do you trust more, your friend or a billboard?

In a recent study by Euro RSCG (one of the largest advertising agencies in the world) it was found that consumers get most of their information from:

- Word of mouth (34%)
- Web sites (20%)
- Advertising (13%)

Furthermore, look at WHAT or WHO the source was...

- Referrals by colleagues or family (40%)
- Magazines (15%)
- Print ads (4%)
- TV ads (4%)
- Billboards (1%)
- Radio (0%)

So, now you can see why financial luminaries including Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer and even Richard Branson embrace network marketing.

They know where the smart money is going, and now that you know, you can position yourself to profit?

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