Friday, March 10, 2006

Bricklayer retires with the Prosperity Automated System

Joe McMeekin was sick and tired of the hard daily physical work, not to mention the daily fight threw traffic back and forth threw out the city!

Without any internet skills a person like Joe can generate more money in a couple of hours a day at home than working ten hours at his small but successful masonry business.

Only forty-two years old he has figured out the secret of youth: "DON'T WORK YOURSELF INTO THE GROUND!"

It is an easy philosophy you might say, but we all have to pay the bills.

Being burnt out and tired with not enough energy left over at the end of the day to enjoy life was getting old.

Staying home and enjoying your life,being active,enjoying your friends and family with no daily stress of trying to get somewhere, or get everything done, was the way to go.

Joe energetically stated, "This turn key system will do everything for you, even if you only have half an hour a day, you can passively turn a good profit, or if you like you can generate more money buy running some of your own ads with the help of your team and the Prosperity Automated system".

"Don't take my word for it".

"Get off the fence and take the tour of the system, as many times as you like, and learn just how turn key it is".

You will see how easy it is to generate substantial income with this simple proven system", said Joe, a knew Prosperity Automated System member.

"After The prospect views the movie about the PAS system, he will register for a call back from a team leader . It's designed specifically to answer any questions no matter how simple they might be".

Joe added, "I think you will take comfort in there candor and just how down to earth they really are, you ask the questions and they give you the answers".

"The people on the phones take great pride in not pushing people".

Prosperity Automated System can be the next step towards retirement as one of the successful internet businesses of today , we advise people to take a look at it and judge the huge potential for themselves.

Live up to your expectations of what life should be,


Joe McMeekin

>>> Jeg fandt denne "artikel" (som jo mere antyder at være en reklame..) på online-avisen Daily India - det er lidt interessant at vide, hvordan det er lykkedes McMeekin at få den publiceret der...

Link til artiklen

Lasse Burholt - link til MLM / Network Marketing debatten på Amino

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