Tuesday, August 10, 2010

10 Signs You´re too stupid to be on Facebook

Just like our friends Meth and Sex, Facebook is an addiction. You can easy hide away in your living room shutting yourself off from real interaction with friends and society to be able to be in a dark room online to interact with friends and society. It’s just like the real world but more sad and pathetic.

The real question is are you doing it right? Status updates and mobile uploads fill our days, but do you always need the information they supply? Do you really need to see a someone’s baby sleeping or hear about how long the line is at KFC? Perhaps not. What if you’re the one offering up these boring little tidbits? What if you’re the one clogging up Facebook with asinine comments and making it dumber for the rest of the Intrawebs. How do you know?

Easy, here are 10 Signs You’re Too Stupid To Be On Facebook (read them on Mimmo Fischettis Social Blog)

As Mimmo puts it: Don´t kill the messenger ;-)

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